Our Board Members


                 Our ( Founder & President ) Fernando Uriol, is a single parent of a Unique Challenged child.  He is a very loving and devoted dad. He understands first hand what it means to have a loved one with special needs and having difficulties in finding structured activities for his son in the community specially with todays economy and limited monthly income. He also knows there are many parents out there that share his feelings on not wanting their child to end up in a group home , he also understands that many cannot afford to participate in many local community activities due to financial monthly struggle. On that note he started to lay the ground work for a place where many are be able to participate in many kinds of physical, intellectual & educational activities. Mr Uriol is very passionate about giving and creating a place where many can feel safe, become healthier, feel needed, and make new friends.......    The Uriol Special Activity Center, these Centers, state wide will help to enrich the lives of those with unique challenges and the special needs while at the same time help to bring families together while providing before and after care services , helping to allow parents to return back to the workforce and to keep their special child to remain in their stable home environment.  He has started the process by creating Free Activity Clubs. 

                Our  ( Vice President )  Jessica Stinnett, has worked as a in home care provider in many home's of family members with unique challenges & special needs of all ages, seeing the lack of physical activities geared for people of all ages with Unique Challenges, she has taken on the task of over seeing the completion of this special project,  by evolving her self in the ground work and becoming Vice President of this special program, she is in the position to see things progress with time  .  

               Our ( Secretary &  Treasurer ) Cheyenne Constance Arlene Johnson, her experience is with the business end of the non-profit,  she is also very passionate about making a difference in the many lives of those with unique challenges and special needs, she is excited in the designs and over seeing the construction of our new buildings coming in 2018 ,


    A Special Organization dedicated to a need:

      We are a 501 ( C ) 3  Non-profit.. organization made up of concerned parents & friends, creating special activities for family members with unique challenges , developmental disabilities and special needs of all ages, Our goal is to provide a place for them with an opportunity to continue in an ongoing physical, educational & Intellectual activities so they may continue  to have a healthier physical & mental lifestyle once they have completed their schooling  K-12 and their transitional programs.

      We wanted to fill the needs of many working parents who find themselves not having many options on what to do in their local communities for their children after they have completed their schooling, for many family members with unique challenges they have no choice but to leave their loved ones  home watching TV all day, or wondering the streets , safety becomes a concern for many , the rising cost of living has prevented many parents from obtaining care services for their loved ones, many parents leave the work force to care for their loved ones  and many have no choice but to place their loved ones in group homes where horrible things occur to many.  

Our Facility Directors  in each Building  are  passionate of our members  engaging in activities that enrich their lives,  on so many levels while at the same time making many new friends.

Our  Swimming Program provided for our members is one of thee healthiest programs , with no joint impact it allows many members to achieve their health goal in a fun active safe activity, families are encouraged to participate with their loved ones for encouragement and support wile every one becomes a more healthier citizen.  

        About who we are and why we started

         We are a  501 (c ) 3

  non-for-profit  Organization


       Federal :                        E I N #  90 - 0899701   

       WA. STATE :                  U B I # 603 - 253 - 673

      Physical Address:       Pending Construction 2018 = Washington , State

      Mailing Address:          P.O. BOX 2457  Seattle WA. 98111

       Phone # :                        360 - 616 - 1134

       Web Site :                       www.uriolspecialactivitycenter.org

       E-Mail Address :            email@uriolspecialactivitycenter.org


       Club's Web Pg :               www.sealionsclub.org

       Clubs  FACEBOOK  PG :            sealion   club

       Club's  E-Mail :              sealions@sealionsclub.org  


         Established ;                   November.   Monday  12,   2012

The Special Activity Center has been providing activities to our members with unique challenges, autism & special needs  since we started in  2012, serving in many communities  each year. 

  Uriol Special Activity Center


P.O Box 2457 seattle WA 98111 US