Uriol Special Activity Center


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  Uriol Special Activity Center   &

  Sea Lion Clubs 

     "B- Cool" 


                                                                  Obey our Rules


  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 1 : ( Language ) Please refrain from cursing / insulting / sexual hurtful words or degrading comments to other club members, this is a topic that is very hurtful to many of your club members on many emotional levels. I am asking , please try to understand other club members feelings.     ( "WORDS HURT" )

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 2 : ( Fighting ) A definite "NO"!!!!! hitting anyone physically,  if you have a problem with a club member (s)  or staff member, please see and speak to one of your Sea Lions Club Coordinators or facility Manager, and together we will find a diplomatic solution to your problem, you need to know we are here for you when you need us.

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 3 : (Rumors / False Accusations ) Unverified information, talking wrongfully about other Club Members or anyone and not knowing the facts is considered slander. ( malicious statements / reports ) This is cause for removal of a Member from the club, and sometimes subject to legal maters within the State Law. If you are hearing rumors about your self please let a Sea Lions Club Coordinator know so we may deal with this problem immediately.

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 4 : (Bullying ) A person who is habitually physically cruel and intimidating to smaller or weaker person (s).  There is "ZERO" tolerance within our Sea Lion Clubs and Special Activity Centers, it is cause for immediate dismissal. Club Members are asked to report this incident to an Activity Coordinator / Manager immediately, so we may resolve with this problem with Parent / Guardian support.

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 5 : ( Weapons ) No weapons of any kind are allowed in our Clubs or Special Activity Centers, if you see someone that may have a weapon of any kind, please report this information to an Activity Coordinator / Building Manager immediately so we may deal with this problem. This is subject for Member removal!.

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 6 :( Illegal Drugs ) "ZERO TOLERANCE". This Organization adheres to Federal guide line rules against illegal drug use. ( cause for dismissal ) If you see anyone using, please let us know immediately, so we may deal with this problem.

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 7 : ( Proper Hygiene ) A clean Club Member makes for a Happy productive Club member and helps with prevention of diseases & offensive odors to others around you.  "Think Healthy"

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 8 : ( Ridiculing ) To Laugh at , or at the expence of another club members misfortune, is not allowed, calls for a meeting with parents / care provider to resolve this matter / incident. ( This action hurts members feelings

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 9 : ( Intoxication ) Any Member showing up to a Club Activity / Event / Special Activity Center Drunk / Intoxicated / Over Medicated and unable to be coherent, will not be allowed to participate in any Activity and will be removed, followed by a concerned call to the members guardians for a meeting to resolve this matter / incident.

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 10 : ( NO Smoking ) In respect to many of whom don't smoke or are allergic to smoke, we are asking for you to not smoke, our facility is a smoke free environment. There are many places where we will be participating and many do provide a place for you to smoke.   "So please respect those that don't" 

  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 11 : ( NO Stealing ) A Good Club member does not touch or takes anything that is not his or hers /  theirs!!!   This action is cause for club member removal.       ( Remember someone is always watching you!! )


   * Sea Lions Club Rule # 12 : ( Safety )Always look out for unsafe conditions and be prepare to report them immediately so we may fix or remove harmful conditions .


   * Sea Lions Club Rules # 13 : ( Protecting Each Other ) A Good Sea Lion Member always looks out to those who cant do and need a little help, always look out  & guard each other it makes for a great friendship.


  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 14 :  ( Personal Information )  It is your responsibility to maintain your personal information updated for emergency purposes at all times, so please inform your building administrator of any changes concerning : MEDICAL / PHONE NUMBERS / ADDRESS / CARE PROVIDERS.


  * Sea Lions Club Rule # 15 : ( Enjoyment )  Remember that at one time, there was not a place for us to go to for fun and to be safe , now we have a nice place for all of us to enjoy, and with our families & Care providers, so lets try very hard to keep it clean, free of harmful objects for the safety of many, and learn to reach out to others in friendship, also making the best of what we have can go a long way for many others who will need our special building for years to come ,  "thank you for participating" and enjoy what we have made for you, your families & care providers ......

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