Uriol Special Activity Center


P.O Box 2457 seattle WA 98111 US

Uriol Special Activity Center  is always looking to create special activities geared for our special members, while at the same time negotiating with local business Owners to help lower cost, and to bring you our Club members affordable rates, knowing your financial monthly struggles not allowing you to be able to participate in your community activity, such as  Movies / Bowling / Lunch Buffet's / Museum's & so much more .... and for this reason we have also created a variety of Clubs for you to enjoy have fun and make new friends.

  "Welcome" to our Clubs


               " Hi my name is Christopher !" Come join my friends and I for a Bowling good time in one of our fun clubs and when you become a member you will also be able to get a Sea Lions Club T-Shirt for only $5.00 like the one I have on now.

              My Dad created our clubs for my friends and I with a goal in mind, to provide a fun , social activity wile getting a little exercise so we can stay physically active & fit, and getting us out of our homes, at the same time  making new friends in a place where we all can participate together with our Family, friends and care providers, in a club where "NO ONE IS LEFT OUT" all are invited to join and participate in all of our fun activities.

             Now you can also join our new club The Sea Lions Social Club, where we all come together for lunch , watch movies & plan community field trips once a Month, as part of our Sea Lions Social Club we have a ( "give back to the community program" ) where we volunteer our time in our community doing good deeds for many in need who cant do for themselves , there nothing more rewarding then to help others in need while at the same time feeling needed ......

              So sign up for free and become a new Sea Lions Club Member, and   start making new friends....

                     Sea Lions Clubs

1. Sea Lions Bowling Club.

2. Sea Lions Swim Club.

3. Sea Lions Basketball Club.

4. Sea Lions Book Club.

5. Sea Lions T-Ball Club.

6. Sea Lions Social Club.

7. Sea Lions Holiday  Decoration Club.

8. Sea Lions " Christmas Tree Program".

9. Sea Lions "Give Back to the Community Program".

10. Sea Lions Singing Club.